Chronicles of Corcia

For one hundred and fifty years, the land of Corcia was ravaged by war. There are no records that hold information on what caused the conflict, but scholars have theorized that one cause could have been due to items of great power that would have easily given one nation the ability to dominate the continent. It is also theorized that the rise of machines came from engineers trying to recreate these items of power, however others think that the rise of machines was due to a military arms race. There are crude drawings of what these items of power might have been, but there are no documents that detail what happened to these items during the war, or even who was in possession of them. There is a legend of a Grand Cleric who managed to unite the leaders of the three strongest nations and urged them to put an end to the war. They all met at a monastery located in the middle of Corcia where they all signed a treaty that divided up the land fairly between the three of them. They agreed that this monastery would be a neutral ground that would be held to dispute further conflicts between the nations. This also became the founding place of the Cloister of Unity, which worked to maintain the peace the Grand Cleric worked so hard to obtain.No one knows how the Grand Cleric managed to pull this off, as no one really know why the leaders agreed to put an end to the war. Over the next fifty years each nation began to develop in its own way, taking advantage of the resources around them. With the war over people began to develop machines to improve everyday life. It wasn't soon until they began to develop machinery that would allow the Corcians to explore farther out to sea to the unexplored side of the world. Every nation is eager to set out to explore the new world, however a new threat has emerged. For the first time ever the orc tribes of Corcia are beginning to work together under one leader. If this Orc manages to unite all of the orc tribes he would have a fighting force to rival that of the three nations. Currently no nation wishes to spend resources on quelling this orcish threat as they are afraid that will weaken them for one of the other nations to conquer them. The people are getting restless as they fear the orcs will soon turn on them once they finish assimilating the other tribes into the massive orc army, and are calling for war. The Cloister of Unity is fighting hard to get the orc to accept one of their messengers but so far all has been in vain. If nothing is done the continent of Corica could be thrown right back into another war.

The Chronicles of Corcia

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