The Chronicles of Corcia

A Town of Kobolds

The adventures repaired their wagon and went on their way, studying the new relics they had found in the ruins.  On their way the adventures hut a fork in the road, and decided to go on the path to their right. At the end of this path they found a small town that was filled with Kobolds. They met with the chief Kobol Sneezlebeez , who welcomed them to the town of Sneezlebeezton. He pleaded with the adventures to assist the town against a gang of kobold raiders who constantly terrorized them an stole their goods. The adventurers agreed to help SNeezlebeez against these rouges and set off to see what they could find out about the raiders.  Amber began to set up a show for for her knew fans who were fascinated by her unusual troupe. After asking about the town they learned that here was a norther village that the raider kobolds might be holed up in. Kei Chi had also unwittingly purchased a baby sheep from Greevil, but decided to love it Anyways. Kei Chi, Aranepsis, Lorandal, and Maaili decided to stealthy scope out the other village, but upon finding the village Lorandal and Aranepsis clashed into each other while trying to be stealthy and caused quite a rustle. To their surprise their was no boom, and called for Kei Chi and Maaili to follow. Upon inspection of the town they found a map with and X on it and decided to bring it to the rest of the party. When they showed this map to the rest of the group the baby sheep that Kei Chi had purchased managed to decipher it for the adventures much to their astonishment. Galliwast decided to arm Sneezlebeezton with an array of land mines in case of another kobold attack, and the adventures went to investigate the X on the map. Upon reaching the destination they found a cave,  and decided to sneak in to get the drop on any inhabitants. When they entered the cave they managed to see three kobolds conversing with and orc. Professor Montgomery tried to bait out the cave inhabitants but in his attempts he wound up turning himself purple. The kobolds became alert to their presence and the orc attempted to flee. Lorandal tried to cripple hte orc, but was unable to stop his advance. On of the kobolds then casted a spell that caused the cave exit to be blocked by rubble. The adventures then engaged the kobolds in a fierce battle, and suffered fierce losses. Aranepsis fell to the kobold barrage after bravely slaying one of their comrades. Soon Professor Montgomery fell as well, and Galliwast in an attempt to save his comrade jury rigged some of his inventions into a defibrillator. He managed to use this new device to bring aranespis back to his feet. Once Aranespis was on his feet he was already back into the fight, but due to the rush of his adrenaline he trigger a left over spark from Galliwast device and suffered from a minor explosion. Kei Chi opened fire once she closed the gap on the kobolds and managed to inflict some serious wounds upon the kobolds. Maaili had managed to deal the finishing blow to one of the kobolds allowing Lorandal To finish off the third one and then corner the Kobolds leader. Lorandal managed to convince the kobold to stand down under the promise that he would protect him until they had reached the village. Upon questioning the Kobold reviled his name to be Deevil, and he managed to trick the kobolds in the town into beleving he had a massive army. Deevil was actually banned from Sneezlebeezton  for wanting to train kobolds for war. Deevil believed  that the kobolds should be able to protect themselves and refused to give up his views. The adventures escorted Deevil back to town, and when they returned him to Sneezlebeez they were rewared with ancient scrolls with details of Thraganor and the Grand Cleric being acquaintances. After reading these scrolls there was a blast of in the distance signaling that something had set off one of Galliwist mines. Eden and Sneezlebeez urged the adventures to take Deevil to the cloister so that they could get more information on the orcs. Sneezlebeez showed them a secret tunnel and gave them a mysterious potion to aid them on their way thorough the tunnels. Professor Montgomery was able to identify the potion as a potion of communicate with spiders. As they went through the passage they found a peculiar rope system in which they pulled upon. This sent a ringing throughout the tunnel and soon a massive spider showed up. Montgomery used the potion and asked the spider for help. Montgomery learned that the spiders were practicing kung fu in order to fight off invaders. Wanting to learn more of this Montgomery asked the spider to show him some kung fu. The spider went all out and showed him the full extent of his abilities. Somehow Montgomery was filled with a spirit of vigor and managed to perform a perfect spider kung fu maneuver. The two almost caused a cave in , and terrified the rest of the party. The adventures soon reached on of the cloisters churches and made haste for the chapel.



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