The Chronicles of Corcia

An obscure temple

Upon being ejected from the city, the adventures made their way toward the cloister. They encountered a patrol on the road preventing passersbys from traveling onward as some orcs caused a landslide. The pass was blocked by boulders so the party was forced to take a detour.  Along this path the cart ran over a strange trap that which caused Aranepsises magic to be ineffective at repairs. The adventures saw a camp and a church in the distance, and decided to check out the camp first. Maaili scouted the area and found two elves lurking in the woods. She decided to relive them of some of their riches, which prompted the elves to attack the other adventures as they were unable to find Maaili. Upon seeing Lorandals weapon they immediately surrendered as they knew they were outmatched. The elves recommended that the adventures search the nearby church for parts for a new wagon wheel, as they occasionally raided it for materials. Upon searching the ruins they were able to find a relic of the grand cleric as along what appeared to be his journal, but unfortunately oin procuring the journal it got split in half.  They were able to find parts to make a wagon, and with much hesitation the adventurers had Galliwast craft the wheel. They decided to rest in the chapel before re embarking on their journey.

A fateful encounter

A young Eden Chesterfield was given the task of deleivering one of the Grand Clerics relics to the cloister of unity, and used the crimsons caravans taxi service in order to get to the cloister as quickly as possible. Among this route the young cleric ran into a peculiar group of people. Some of them appered to be travelling together but eden paid it no mind. It was on this wagon that they were ambushed by a group of orcs. Eden was terrified as he knew the orcs had been harrasing the cloister and interuptting their supply lines. Thanks to the curious members of his wagon they were able to prevent any harm coming to Eden. However, when victory seemed near, suddenly thousands of orcs were upon them. From this mass of orcs an impressive beast if an orc stepped forward, calling himself Thraganor. He challaneged the wagons members, asking who would protect Eden. Of the members the moon elf stepped foward and accepted the responsiblity of procteting the cleric. The moon elf fought valiantly but was no match for Thraganor. Upon onocinf the moon elf unconcious he gathered his orcs, stole the relic, and retreated into the mountains. Distruaught that he had failed the cloister Eden began to panic, but then enlisted the help of his wagon mates to get the news ti the cloister so that he could try to redeem himself. The members agreed, if reluctantly, to escort the cleric to his cloister. The group made thier way to the nearest town, in which they rested after thier encounter with the orcs.

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